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Don’t Let Fair Trade Lose Its Meaning!

Don’t Let Fair Trade Loose Its Meaning: Sign the Petition!

If a product is labeled organic, you don’t expect it to contain 80% GMOs. If it’s labeled vegan, you don’t expect it to contain 80% animal products. Why do we accept that standard for products labeled fair? Fair trade products can often carry a fair trade label with as little as 20% fair trade ingredients.

Let’s change that!

Right now Fair for Life, the one fair trade certification with a higher standard is considering lowering it to 20%. Let Fair for Life know you want them to keep their higher standard and let other fair trade programs like Fairtrade America and Fair Trade USA know you expect them to increase their thresholds to at least 50%.

Sign the Petition—Go to: info@fairworldproject.org. (You may have to search for the petition since I could not get thelink when I cut and pasted it from my email from my friend Honey.)

The People Have Spoken: No More Bad Trade Deals!

The media reports the massive trade agreement is dead. The demise of the TPP is proof of a hard-won victory and shows that by organizing and working together we can accomplish great things. We want to take a moment to thank all of our supporters and allies for their perseverance and celebrate the news.

But there is still work to be done! Although there is virtually no chance the TPP can be introduced or passed in the “Lame Duck” session this year, we must remain vigilant to make sure it is not revived at a later date in its current or altered form.

Read more about the death of the TPP and the people who made it happen on our blog.

Say No to TPP

What kind of public investment would you like to see in our food system?

People Have Spoken! Send us your thoughts and we may print them in the Readers Speak section in the next edition of For a Better World.

The Farm Bill designates billions to supplement nutrition programs for consumers as well as programs to support farms and farmers, procurement food for public schools systems and other public institutions, and buy local programs. These programs are just some of the ways public spending affects our food system. Does your school system buy from sustainable farmers with good labor practices or from the cheapest source available with no regard for labor or environmental practices? Would you like to see more investment in training and marketing for small-scale farmers in your region? Tell us what you’ve seen work and what you would like to see public dollars used for!
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