Expressive Writing

This “heart in the clouds” photo sent to me by an old friend named Mary,
seemed perfect for this heartfelt article. I don’t know the source to give proper credit.
Anyone know who took it???

In an interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer from their blog about health matters & reprinted in the paper ( health), there was an article entitled: “Start writing your way to a stress-free healthy life.”  Written by Jonathan Purtle, a doctoral student in public health who also works at Drexel University’s Center for Nonviolence & Social Justice, it inspired the poem below.

According to the article, and what we already know, is that stress can bring on illness. One way to combat stress is through expressive writing, or what Purtle notes is called “written emotional disclosure” in academic circles. This expressive writing can improve both physical and mental health.

Psychologist James W. Pennebaker developed this concept of the value of expressive writing, so it is he who has given credence to my many poems, rhymes, essays, etc. especially those I wrote while going through a difficult divorce. I used to “Cry Me a River” while writing my feelings, feeling better as I finished the rhyme or essay.

Perhaps blogging is one way those of us who do blog deal with stress. Do whatever works & is legal!

My Word-Filled World

My world is filling up with words,
gathering together like clouds or curds;
overflowing my computer brain
like a scary, runaway, speeding train.

Words that trigger my singing in the shower
Like “daffodils” or “tulips”— or any flower.
Words that set me all a-tingle
Like Fourth of July or Old Kris Kringle.

Twenty-six letters make many, many words
Fluttering in my mind like so many birds
sitting on a clothesline—chirping & chatting
or fingers moving in steady rhythm—tatting.

Words swirling in and out & round about
Sometimes I just want to jump & shout:
Listen, listen, words give me a high!
Strong or gentle, like a hoot or a sigh.

My world of words keeps me alive
Even more, they help me to survive
a crazy world of mass confusion
Words are my oxygen, a perfect illusion!


P.S. Awhile back I interviewed Roz Warren, a lawyer turned librarian turned humorist writer/author. She led me to a wonderful website: Take a peak!

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