Environmental Working Group Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

Every year the Environmental Working Group posts its list of foods high in pesticides. To download your own copy, go to www.ewg.org and click on the shopper’s guide to obtain your copy.
In the meantime, I am listing the foods:

Clean Fifteen 2013 (Lower in pesticides) *

asparagus   avocado   cabbage    cataloupe   corn   eggplant   grapefruit   kiwi  mangoes   mushrooms  onions    papayas    pineapples   sweet peas (frozen)  sweet potatoes
*These are the foods that I do not always buy organically, because they are lowest in pesticides.

Dirty Dozen 2013 (Produce highest in pesticides)

Apples    Celery    Cherries    Tomatoes   Cucumbers    Grapes    Hot Peppers    Nectarines (imported)   Peaches   Potatoes (white)   Spinach   Strawberries   Sweet Bell Peppers

Collards & Kale, Summer Squash & Zucchini (These contain pesticides of special concern)

(I make a special effort to buy these organically, especially when they cannot be peeled, like grapes. es)

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