End-of-Summer Reading Fiction: Edge of a Dream & Mediums Guild by Lee Fishman

These two end-of-summer novels can provide a few hours of quiet, yet exciting entertainment.

Philadelphia author Lee Fishman’s first book, Edge of a Dream, draws upon her work with “New Americans.” In this novel, a small family from Sarajevo flees to Philadelphia in search of a better life. Young Rija Malacovik comes to the USA with husband Josef, mother Elena, and Rija’s five-year old child Lili.  Josef abandons his family in search of “bigger and better things.” Rija finds a job cleaning offices at night while her mother cares for Lili to keep a roof over their heads.

Rija also attends night school to become a paralegal, but her mother is hit by a cab and hurts her leg, which becomes infected because of a doctor who does not live up to the Hippocratic oath. Just in time, Josef returns to help Rija and her mother, but Rija soon finds he is linked to the underworld. What follows is an exciting story as Rija navigates her own destiny, with flashbacks to the problems she faced during the crisis of the war years in Sarajevo.

With help from Tony, a classmate, Rija manages to uncover her husband’s criminal activities while holding her tiny family together. The book does not end happily ever after, but it ends on a hopeful note. Fast –paced, interesting, and lively, this book will give you a greater appreciation for the difficulties immigrants face when coming to America.  This is a good first novel.


Mediums Guild, the second book by Ms. Fishman, is slightly lighter, but still has more intrigue. Margo Fellshur, a young, part-time real estate agent by day and “psychic” on her off hours, uses her powers of insight to find two missing persons. Then, at a conference for other gifted psychics like herself, she meets a man who hires her to find lost treasures in the Atlantic Ocean, exploiting her powers and those of her like-minded friends.

In the meantime, her husband finds someone else to live with and takes off with money left to Margo by her father and slated for their teenage daughter’s college education.  Margo stays strong in her commitment to her daughter and also deals with her negative feelings about her new job, which she took because the real estate job was not paying her bills.

How Margo resolves her job dilemma, her husband’s betrayal, and using her psychic powers for solving a mystery make for an exciting story that is fast-paced and entertaining.  This book is a fast read under a beach umbrella or end-of-summer day off.


For ebook readers, Mediums Guild ($4.49) and Edge of a Dream ($2.99) are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The paperbacks can be purchased directly at: www.leefishman.net for $15 each. Price includes free shipping. Both books are published by Trans Media Publishing Group in Philadelphia, PA.

Author Lee Fishman

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  1. Thanks for the reading tips, will try to locate the books via the library or at least get on a waiting list.
    So far your suggestions have panned out, and I guess we enjoy the same intriguing dilemmas.

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