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These are both books about love and both completely different. I couldn’t decide which one to choose, so I am posting both. The first is an ebook; the second a regular hold-in-your-hand hardcover book. Enjoy!


The Heart of the Matter by Mary Margaret Woods is my first ebook review. As Mary explained in a Freshlife FreshMail ( on January 30th of this year:

As much as I loved my work there, I followed my heart to what felt like an exciting new chapter in my life. One week after I took this leap of faith, I began enthusiastically writing a book. It felt like an idea whose time had come, as the words flowed easily and effortlessly, I was inspired to write, The Heart of the Matter.

This is the key to Mary’s new book, hot off the Internet, fully illustrated with colorful collages and original poems by the author. Her inspiration is apparent on every page of this short, but powerful ebook.

Early on she asks us: “How can we become wholehearted?” I don’t think I have ever been asked that question. Mary develops this bold concept with the use of quotes, visuals, and text that challenges us to look at the state of the world with a whole heart in order to heal the planet.

Mary’s vision is clear and concise: “I have a vision of Love awakening with our whole hearts through a quickening of consciousness is so needed on our planet.”

The books chapter are like the cover of the book, hearts within hearts within hearts, until we get to the “heart of the matter.”  The chapters reflect this deeper and deeper delving into our own hearts:

Chapter One: A Change of Heart (Shift Happens)
Chapter Two: Revolution of the Heart (Empowerment)
Chapter Three: The Spiritual Heart (Awakening the Heart)
Chapter Four: The Compassionate Heart (Love Heals)
Chapter Five: The Intelligent Heart
Chapter Six: The Biological Heart
Chapter Seven: Humor and the Heart
Chapter Eight: The Heart of the Matter

While the book delivers a powerful message, it is actually written “lightly,” that is, with positive overtones, humor, wonderful quotes from people from all walks of life, and original graphics and poetry, such as this excerpt from her poem called Renaissance:

We now have found within us
The meaning of our rebirth
To live in peace right here and now
And teach love upon the earth.

Some of you might think this book is what we used to call “pie in the sky,” (Not even sure what that means!) but if you met Mary Margaret Woods, as I have, you will know that her ebook truly reflects what is in her heart. When you are in her presence, you can easily understand how this book reflects her vision, her dreams, and her hope for love and peace on our planet.

Mary’s message is simplistic and heartfelt: “The heart is the key to our hearts.” After reading it, I think you will be inspired to look within your own hearts to foster Love of self, Love of others, and Love of the planet. We all need this Love more than ever—Love with a capital L.

Mary, and her husband Dave, who helped Mary with her creation, invite you to preview the book and its “wholehearted” message. You can preview excerpts from each of the eight chapters in a four-minute, forty second flash presentation read by Mary herself, who has a wonderful voice.

Click onto: to read and hear Mary’s excerpts. Since this is an ebook, there is no paper, no postage, and no waiting to read it. (This in itself is a new experience for me.) Mary’s book is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift and a message that is perfect for every day thereafter. The cost is $8 (plus $.48 tax in PA only), an amount that won’t lighten your pocketbook, but will definitely enlighten your heart.

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