Earth Justice because the Earth needs a good Lawyer

 I am fortunate to know a young man, Jay, who works at Earth Justice as a VP. He is a good friend of my daughter and daughter-in-law, so I had an opportunity to meet him in person recently at their home. He explained that Earth Justice helps organizations in need of a “good lawyer” without charging them a fee. (That’s where donations step in.)

I told Jay that I don’t hear much about Earth Justice, and I think that is because they work FOR non-profits and are the legal system behind many of their issues.  Here’s a short list of clients from their website,, with brief explanations for each “client,” large and small, to demonstrate their wide range of clients from individual, small groups to large organizations. They have 170 lawyers on staff.


Chickaloon Native Village In Alaska, where Earth Justice lawyers are representing the Native Americans  in their fight to stop a coal mine that threatens their way of life.


Sierra Club: Since Earth Justice was founded in 1971, the Sierra Club has been a partner in the fight for our planet’s future.



American Lung Association: From smog to sulfur dioxide, Earth Justice has represented the American Lung Association in legal efforts to eliminate dangerous pollutants and improve air quality.

Humane Society: Earth Justice has partnered with the Humane Society on legal efforts to defend our world’s irreplaceable species.


This is only a very short list of clients that I am posting to demonstrate that the reason you don’t hear a great deal about Earth Justice itself is that it helps other non-profits with their goals, so you read more for example, about the American Lung Association itself, not the lawyers at Earth Justice.

Therefore, I urge you to check out this very important organization of lawyers who work endlessly to represent organizations that help make the world safer, cleaner, and more livable.

The website has lots of photos of the different organizations that Earth Justice works tirelessly to help these organization achieve their regional and global goals. I like the one with the otters, so I am posting it under the last item on the list.



Thanx, Earth Justice!

Go to for a complete report on organizations and I am sure you will find some that you already support and may wish to add some of that support to Earth Justice, whose CEO is a woman and with many more female lawyers than male lawyers, which I found very interesting!




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