Earth Day Lament in Rhyme

Sunday, April 22nd, is Earth Day and this month is also National Poetry Month, so you get two postings for the price of one! I plan to have a table at the local Narberth Earth Day event with my clothesline book (For the Love of Clotheslines) and will post that next week.

April showers bring May flowers,
but will climate change mix the buds and bowers
in leafing trees?

Weather/whether or not, we’ve got to take a shot
to slow the changes in Mother Earth’s rages:

melting ice
arsenic in rice
polar bears starving
icebergs calving
bees dying
fewer birds flying

Is the planet lashing out?  Because without a doubt
the weather’s not behaving, so the Earth we need to be saving.

Let’s put on some speed, for what our “home” needs
is to keep Mother Earth from crying; the changes are stupefying!

Just do your part every day: recycle & reuse in every single way.
Celebrate Earth Day all year long, so we can greet ev’ry Spring with flowers & song!


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