One thought on “EARTH DAY, EVERY DAY

  1. When we were children growing up during World War 11, we “made do,” which meant we automatically recycled, repaired, and never threw away something someone could use. We tried not to infringe on Nature, saved the trees which existed when building a home, and then planted them until our backyard looked like a Nature Preserve. Made room for birds, who sang sweetly through our mealtime for they colored our lives. Planted a garden to provide our day to day needs, then preserved the rest in those steadfast Mason jars, like soldier lined up in a row combating famine. Wherever we went, hiking or camping, we left no remnants of our visit, and cleaned up after those who knew no better. We tried to instill our children with the same values, part of our inheritance because the air bears the impact of those who are careless and leave behind a toxic waste site instead of cathedral of trees.

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