Earth Day Every Day: Organizations-4th Installment

I receive many, many emails from organizations who want me to “take action.” Here are just eight (of many) to examine, or you can pick one or two of major importance to you. Since this is the 4th installment, the numbers start with 31, (The fifth installment has 12 items, so this has only eight.) All are in green, my code for things you can do at home. Click on the link or put the website in your browser window. Also, these are not in alphabetical order.

31. Environmental Defense Fund: On their website, it says: 50 years of forging solutions that help people and nature prosper. Below are three photos with these cations: 1) Stabilizing the Climate 2) Feeding the World 3) Protecting Our Health.

32. Friends of the Earth: – As the name implies, this organization works to repair the planet. The current campaign I received this week is : STOP PLASTIC POLLUTION. But if you go to the website, you will find many actions you can take.

33. Environment America: The Home Page states: Action for a greener, healthier America with lots of ideas and information.

34. Endangered Species Coalition: The first sentence of their mission statement I lifted from their website is: “The Endangered Species Coalition believes that in order to truly protect our natural environment and biodiversity, the environmental movement must work in meaningful collaboration with all members of our society.” (This makes sense to me!) If you click on Campaigns on the site, you can see where you want to place your efforts.


35. Earth Justice: The statement under their logo and on their home page is perfect:
“We are here, because the earth needs a good lawyer.” Also, the site states: “
We wield the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change.”

36. Organic Consumers:

I receive many petitions from this organization, which is very active in all areas that relate to consumers, including the corona virus and petitions for better foods and economic security. They have on section on essays to read and also their Organic Bytes newsletter to click on to read or to  subscribe. (This is one of my favorites!)


37. Pesticide Action Network: Here is what you read when you Google this organization: Pesticide Action Network (PAN) is “an international coalition of around 600 NGOs, citizens’ groups, and individuals in about 60 countries.” [1] which opposes pesticide use, and advocates what it presents as more ecologically sound alternatives.  I just learned from this that it is an international network, which means other countries are part of the action plans. Since the virus has really taught us we are a global village, I like this platform. (This website name stands for Pesticide action Network North America.)

38. Stand Earth:  (This is a new one for me.) Here is a statement from their History page on their site: “ (formerly Forest Ethics) was founded nearly twenty years ago by a group of dedicated people who were working day in and day out to solve a big problem: What do you do when the health and foundation of communities and their
environment are being undermined?” (I just joined to learn more since this is a new organization to me.)
Reminder: Numbers 39-50 will be in the fifth installment, because I will be posting a list from the Environmental Working Group, which could be included in this list as #39. It is a calendar list of 12 ways to create a year of healthy living.

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