Earth Day Every Day: GREENPEACE International’s Accomplishments

Greenpeace has been around for a long time. The brochure I received in the mail has a list of some of their major accom-plishments starting in 1972.  Here is a summary from 1972 to 2000 from their RESIST brochure entitled: “A Handful of Highlights in 45 Years of Courage, Persistence, Hope and Victory.”  (See especially Dec. 1997 for one related directly to Earth Day ideals.) For their more recent accomplishments and updates since 2000, please go to their website below, after the list.


Feb. 1972: After the first Greenpeace Action in 1971, the U.S. abandons nuclear testing grounds at Amchitka Island, Alaska.

Oct. 1982: After at-sea actions against whales, the International Whaling Commission adopts a whaling moratorium.

Oct. 1989: A UN moratorium on high seas large-scale driftnet is passed. responding to public outrage at indiscriminate practices exposed by Greenpeace. In July 1991 a worldwide ban goes into force.

Nov. 1993: As a result of Greenpeace’s repeated actions against ocean dumping for more thana decade, the London Dumping Convention permanently bans the dumping at sea of radioacticve and industrial waste worldwide.

Dec. 1994: After years of Greenpeace actions against whaling, the Antarctic whale sanctuary is approved by the International Whaling Commission.

June 1996: The comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty is adopted by the United Nations.

Dec. 1997: After campaigning for urgent action to protect the climate since 1988 by Greenpeace and others, ministers from industrialized nations adopt the Kyoto Protocol agreeing to set legally binding reduction targets on greenhouse gases. Following additional intensive campaigning, the Kyoto Protocol is ratified by the European Union in March 2002 and by Russia in October 2004.

Dec. 2000: Following years of campaigning and Greenpeace’s targeting of the trade and investments of companies involved in logging  the endangered Great Bear Rain Forest, a historic conservation agreements is reached to conserve Canada’s remaining coastal rainforest.





One thought on “Earth Day Every Day: GREENPEACE International’s Accomplishments

  1. Impressive work by Greenpeace. A list of what Trump by executive order
    and otherwise has undone would also be interesting, as we are in a forced
    regression. Hope is in the fact that many corporations and organizations
    are continuing their efforts despite the President’s reversals. Kudos for
    your enduring sprit of environmentalism, ES.

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