Earth Day Every Day: Breast Cancer & the Environment

I support Breast Cancer Action, which investigates environmental issues that impact on breast cancer. Here is their latest petition for you to read and hopefully sign.  The info will bleed into right hand margin

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Toxic’s still not tasty. But oil wastewater is still being used to grow our food. Last week’s webinar explained some of the health risks associated with oil wastewater use and offered some actions you could take to protect our food and our health. Now we’re back with one more thing you can do.

Sign our petition with Food and Water Watch to demand the two largest offenders, the Wonderful Company and Grimmway Farms, stop using oil wastewater to grow our food. Add your name today and tell these companies our food should be grown with clean and safe water!
The fact remains: using oil wastewater to irrigate our food has not been proven safe for the public or farmworkers. Tell these corporations: don’t pollute our fruit!
Be part of the movement to get oil wastewater out of our food and sign the petition today.
Yours in solidarity,
Kate Frisher
Campaigns Coordinator, Breast Cancer Action
Here is the info with the petition:

Toxic oil drilling wastewater from companies like Chevron is being used to grow some food in California – food that is sold in grocery stores across the country!

The wastewater contains chemicals used in fossil fuel extraction, including some that are linked to cancer and reproductive harm, such as ethylbenzene and toluene.

This practice threatens the safety of our children and the adults who eat this food, the farm workers who irrigate and pick the crops, and the environment.

Popular food companies that market their brands as “healthy” are involved in this practice, including The Wonderful Company, known for brands such as POM Wonderful, Wonderful Pistachios, and Halos mandarins.

Tell this company: I won’t buy your products until you and California Governor Jerry Brown put an end to this dangerous practice.

Participating Organizations:

Breast Cancer Action
Center for Food Safety
Climate Hawks Vote
Daily Kos
Dolores Huerta Foundation
Food & Water Watch
Organic Consumers Association
People Demand Action
Wonderful Company

Our Message to Wonderful Company :

P.S. Did you miss our webinar with acclaimed ecologist and anti-fracking activist, Dr. Sandra Steingraber? Check it out here!
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