Earth Day–Every Day: April 2012

Because I attended the very first Earth Day in 1970, I have a longtime relationship with its importance. Thus, for the month of April, I plan to focus on Earth Day activities, especially those that relate to food, trees, plants—everything that grows for our visual pleasure or our palates.

What stimulated my current concerns about the planet was a NOVA show last week. The subject was the melting ice caps and calving of huge glaciers at a pace unheard of. The show scared me a little, because I can foresee that much of the world’s coastal areas will be flooded and inhabitable.

Then my friend Jackie sent me photos of Venice with people knee & thigh deep in water, with the prediction that within 100 years all of Venice will be under water. Here is a photo of where we walked last May, sans water.

Some of the other photos show people shopping in stores & one the narrow streets in wading boots, almost ignoring the water. Unbelievable! Is this our future?

As a volunteer for The Hunger Project many years ago, I learned that one person can make a difference.  And if everyone of you does one thing each day to help the planet, think of the difference we can make!  So I plan to scour the Internet & my personal files to see what new and old ideas are around, some probably throwbacks to when I was growing up. I hope to post several ideas each week. Send in yours!

One of the big changes this year was the early spring that we seemed to be enjoying. For those of us who live in the Northeast, the warm weather was wonderful, but hopefully  this does not means that our own carbon footprints are creating such drastic weather patterns.

I wrote a poem praising the trees, many that already have blossomed. I took a few photos. Here is one from our neighborhood with the poem I wrote.

The houses in our neighborhood are stately & bold.
But the trees, ahhhh, the trees are tall & old.

They’ve been here for decades, that’s for sure
Withstanding snow & rain, they endure.

As Spring brings forth their blossoms & flowers
We need the water from April’s showers…

To enjoy these magnificent works of art.
I love trees. Look up! They’re Nature’s Heart.


Also, for Earth Day, I plan to interview a young woman who started an environmental group called Narberth Greens. (Narberth is the next town near me.) Her name is Avi Fox and I am in awe of her commitment to make a difference. She is also a photographer, so I hope to post some of her photos of Nature.

Speaking of Nature, here is another photo I took on the day I snapped the trees. Daffodils were all over the neighborhood. I kept saying, last one, last one, but just was so amazed to see all the flowers so early.

Finally, I am planning (with a new colleague named Suzanne) to have an Earth Day Cooking Class. Here is the menu. If you are in the Philadelphia area, we’d love to have you come! It will be on Sunday, April 22nd, Earth Day, from 11 am-3 pm @ The Kalyana Center in Ardmore, PA. If interested, email me: & I will attach a flyer.

Earth Day Organic Lunch Menu Celebrating Spring & Earth Day

Fresh fruit and/or Green smoothie
Tossed garden salad with homegrown sprouts  (optional gluten-free croutons & grilled free-range chicken on top)*
Quinoa Salad or casserole with (sprouted) aduki beans and fresh asparagus
Gluten-Free Bread or Crackers
Herbal tea or other beverage of choice
Flax Snax and/or home made pudding

(*Because Suzanne, who is planning the class with me, is not a vegetarian, there will be some chicken on the menu, for those who wish it. She will prepare it, which is good for me, since I prefer not to cook meat.)

Why not plan your own Earth Day menu to include green salad, whole grains, and local veggies? You will be paying homage to the earth & enjoying a healthy, tasty meal. I hope to post or re-post some of the recipes.

Here is another photo of the earth with its beautiful blue waters and clouds. Keep the beauty of the earth in mind during this month, and make every day Earth Day!
Remember the 3 Rs: REDUCE  REUSE  RECYCLE

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