Earth Day, Every Day: A Message from Public Interest Research Groups


To Greg Walden, Chairman of the Committee of Energy and Commerce:

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recent regulatory processes on pesticides are cause for concern. First, court documents revealed Monsanto manufactured scientific studies on glyphosate and had a large role in the registration of the pesticide. Then, the EPA rejected the science on chlorpyrifos and declined to ban the insecticide, even though EPA scientists linked it to brain damage in children last year. Most recently, letters show that Dow Chemical Co. asked federal regulators, including the EPA, to ignore a damning study on three widely used pesticides.

I am echoing the call of four members of your committee in urging you to investigate some of the EPA’s recent regulatory actions on pesticides. Crucial regulatory decisions that impact our health should be based solely on the science. Please investigate to make sure that is the case.


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