Early Spring and the Warming Trend

Early spring before the weather is secured
through the open door of trial and error,
there is a hesitancy at first to the warming Earth,
the crocuses lift their tentative purple heads,
and the daffodils stand on stilts like sentinels,
the wind rifling through their yellow heads,
bowing them down, but they are survivors.
Oh, to start again when the moon
bathes its frosty ring into a golden glow,
each sprouting head to anchor its space in the
suddenness of the bright sun blinding in its enterprise
with temperatures rising.
Cats pounced once on Its narrow hearth,
now they roll in Its warm embrace.

The world a whirl of green kites gone wild
renouncing the cold gray barrenness of Earth
in an awakening splurge of blossoms.
So much of what we were or will be
is undeterred by the presence of a greater Power
wielding Its sleight-of-Hand
in a riotous display of wild flowers.
Now even our heart is afflicted like the birds,
blending poignant notes from a crusty winter shell,
even the horses in the field are bridled and reined in
by the light of its reckoning.

The indoor filter of smoky stale air
is purified by the fresh and pristine.
So much seen and unseen emerging as if in a dream
bursts forth full-bodied on the scene.
Words fail us and we pale,
before Natureâ€s unhesitating scale,
who sends tiny winged messengers until we are back
in the back drop and rhythm of Spring again.

Vernal Plunge

I expose myself to the elements,
Spring fling, first Plunge,
like an enchanted Mermaid.
The reeds move in an hypnotic way,
swaying gently in the breeze.
Uncharted as yet,
the creek has grown unsteady.
Almost forgetting, the turmoil of eddies,
the whirlpools, flashing stones
bashing the debris
washing downstream,
over the tumbling waterfalls.
I plunge into the pond instead,
warming up its solitude.
The ritual is the same each year,
same time when March winds slowly disappear,
and the sun makes headway,
creating a lasting impression in the freezing water.
While I hold my breath,
a few breast strokes out and back again
while summer stretches its fiery paws ahead,
like a bright unyielding lion with a mind set.

Spring Jingle by ellensue
I added this after taking my first photos of crocuses & daffodils.

Yellow faces to the sun—
Spring’s arrived; winter’s done.
Crocuses peaking from the ground
Seeking the sun, warm & round.
Soon the earth will wear her flowers
Soaking up the April showers.
Oh, my goodness, Spring is here;
Thank goodness for another year!

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