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Dr. Terri Goldfine is a petite, single mom with a passion for health. Twenty-three years ago she became a chiropractor. While she had several reasons for choosing this field, she realized many years after her choice that the long, drawn out illness and untimely death of her mother from multiple sclerosis was a decisive factor.

(I find it interesting that many people seem to choose a particular profession because of some dramatic or traumatic event in their lives. My mother’s untimely death because of a combination of diabetes and obesity —-“diabesity” is the new term I have been reading—-had a great deal to do with my desire to return to college after age 50 to study nutrition)

Recently, I attended a short but powerful program by Dr. Terri on the subject of balance and bodywork, especially as we age. When I asked her what sparked her current interest in this area, this was her reply:

“Posture fascinates me. How people carry themselves in the world plays a role in their biomechanics, pain, dis=ease, etc. Balance has everything to do with muscles. No one is symmetrical between the right and left sides, though our muscles need to have a dynamic play with each other or said another way, a push-pull with one another- that creates balance in the body—-flexible when needed, strong when needed, endurance when needed. We have great balance as a child and slowly lose it as we age. We don’t have to if we can manage our balance and give it more attention. Mostly anyone can accomplish this by regular exercise, strengthening our legs and maintaining proper posture.”

Her goal as a healer, especially for older women, is simple, yet profound. Dr. Goldfine believes that we women owe it to ourselves to age gracefully. In addition, we need to learn to be less dependent on doctors and prescription medicines, becoming more interdependent, using more holistic healing like massage therapy, acupuncture and asking our medical doctors to co- manage our health with alternative medicine..

Regarding exercise, Terri uses a “tough love” approach. She believes that exercise is essential for all, especially women, emphasizing the saying “use it or lose it” to her patients/clients. Her tough love approach is apparent in this quote: “There is no excuse for anyone not to move his/her body and muscles daily. I
have a workout for anyone, handicapped, in a wheelchair, lying in bed, exercising on land or in the pool.”

This healer, who is age 50 herself, although in person she looks much younger, also notes how important weight bearing is for the bones as we age. Thus, weight bearing exercises, like lifting weights, is absolutely necessary for warding off and controlling osteoporosis.

When I asked Terri what she sees in her future in this field, she told me that she would like to assist people in a personalized exercise/fitness program that would include all kinds of bodywork, including Chiropractic care, massage therapy, stretching, balance. and posture. She demonstrated a few simple exercises at her program that almost anyone could do. Dr.Terri would also like to continue to teach classes in the pool or teach core stability/ strong abs, strong back classes.

I liked Terri’s “balanced” approach to healing with different kinds of modalities. As a chiropractor, she has a strong basis in how the body works. I also like her philosophy, which is that doctors need to partner with their patients in healing and continue to manage disease and pain. Doctors should never say, “There is nothing I can do.”

This final quote by Terri summarizes a philosophy of healing that strikes a chord in me: “Postive thinking and giving hope and feeling hopeful is a whole other healing remedy…… that we have seen stand the test of time…..”

If you live in the Philadelphia/Suburb area, Dr. Terri Goldfine can be reached by phone: 610-642-2300 and is more than happy to discuss your health and well being. You can also reach her by email if you any questions:


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