Dr. John Douillard’s Winter Grocery List

Dr. Douillard is a chiropractor and an Ayurvedic practitioner in Colorado. I met him when he came to The Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts a couple of years ago and also reviewed his book, The Three Season Diet. (link: http://www.menupause.info/archives/11109) With his permission I am posting his winter grocery list, which focuses on the Ayurvedic approach to one’s diet, based on your body type. It also is coordinated with seasonal foods. It’s how I eat now, so this list is helpful for me and maybe for you.

Note: This is the largest I can make it to fit Word Press, but if you click on the link below the chart, you should get a normal size page that you can print out.

Link to his chart for printing out: winter-grocery-list_complete-chart_johndouillard1



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