December 10, 2010- Menu

Key to Abbreviations:

Dairy Free – DF
Gluten Free – GF
Dandy Blend- Dandy (coffee sub.)
Macadamia Nut Oil- Mac Oil
NSA- No salt added
Olive Oil – OO
PP – Protein Powder
Sugar Free – SF
Vegetarian – VEG
Vegan – V

6:45 am Lemon juice & water (with detox drops)
Small tangerine
8 am- Steel cut oats with Rice Dream
GF/DF bread with Dandy Drink
On my way to school, so snacked between classes on Green Smoothie made yesterday
11:30- Lunch – Brought my Kitchen Sink Stew in a thermos; homemade hoomus with Mary’s Gone Crackers (GF/DF)
Snack in the early afternoon – Pear
The last period was a movie and the teacher made popcorn,so we all had some popcorn
3:30 – Decaf Chai Tea
5:30-6 Spinach Salad with tangerines, one slice GF/DF challah style bread,  white fleshed sweet potato, cooked green & yellow string beans with chick peas
7pm- GF/DF pumpkin muffin with herbal tea

P.S. Tomorrow is my day off from the computer.Let me know what you ate on Saturday.

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  1. Just looked @ your site and came across this sentence I do not understand: “Beta-carotene is what gives these there are were Jewish color but also helps the immune system keep cancer out of the body.”

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