Deborah Lamprey: From Chiropractor to Artisan Baker

Deborah Lamprey, owner of Main Line Bakery, enjoying one of her gluten and dairy free cupcakes at her train station bakery in Wynnewood, PA..

“Not only is this the best gluten-free muffin I ever had, it’s the best pumpkin muffin I ever tasted!” said my daughter Basha when I served her one of Deborah’s pumpkin muffins (see photo below) during Thanksgiving week. I might add that Basha went to culinary school for baking and lives in New York, so she is “savvy” in this area.

Pumpkin muffin, my favorite, available all year round, not just Thanksgiving, because Deborah loves them, too!

Main Line Bakery in Wynnewood, PA opened last July (2010) and does not have Gluten Free in the title on purpose. Deborah’s goal is to make baked goods that are gluten and dairy free and still taste delicious, without any labels that would make people wrinkle their noses and think, “How can gluten free taste good?”

Also, as we talked and Deborah discussed her plans for the new year.  I learned that the bakery is now certified kosher/pareve, which means people who keep kosher can serve it with a dairy or meat meal, since there is no dairy, and also there are no ingredients that would be considered unkosher (ex. lard).

Gluten and dairy free cupcake from Main Line Bakery.

The bakery is located in a small space within the local train station in Wynnewood, right across the street from a shopping center that includes Border’s; Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Genuardi’s Supermarket, as well as various retail stores. But Deborah wants to expand to a larger location where she can bake for the wholesale market, such as Whole Foods and hospitals that have patients with special dietary needs.

I was surprised to find that Deborah is trained as a chiropractor and stopped her practice when her son was born four years ago. She also has a seven-year old daughter. When she discovered that both children were gluten and dairy intolerant, she started to make items that they could enjoy.

Gluten and dairy free brownies from Main Line Bakery

As a sixth generation baker, one of Deborah’s fondest memories is going into her dad’s bakery and picking out whatever she wanted. Her kids can only do that in her bakery. And since she grew up baking with her dad, she found herself wanting a bakery so she could help people with their special dietary needs.  For example, there is a group of people with autistic children who claim that a gluten-free, dairy-free diet is helping their children’s social behavior issues. This is one of her niche markets.

I love going into Deborah’s bakery because we always talk food. She loves to bake and we exchange ideas, because we are both “foodies.” In fact, Deborah has so many ideas that she wants to try out that she is concerned about overextending herself before she realizes her dream bakery. Being a small business owner is not easy, as I know from experience. So Deborah is working on expanding with an eye on her energy levels and making sure their business does not swallow her up or take away from family time.

Carrot cake muffins from Main Line Bakery

The most exciting part of my talk with Deborah is that now anyone can buy several of the bakery items online, so I encourage you to go to the website and order a sampler of some of the easy-to-ship items in the bakery.  I promise you, you will not even notice that these goodies are gluten and dairy free. They are just delicious, whole grain baked goods that are made from the heart.

Note: All the food photos are from Main Line Bakery’s website. The photo of Deborah was taken in her bakery at the Wynnewood Train Station.

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