Couplet Rhyme for Springtime & Earth Day, Every Day #2

Spring is in the air
She has a certain flair:

    Flowers blooming
Geese grooming

Grass greening
Trees preening

Gentle breezes
Nature un-freezes

Sky blue
Earth Renew

This is posting #2 for Earth Day, Every Day
and also a celebration of National Poetry Month

Note about photos: Down the street from me there are three cherry trees starting to bloom. No need to go to Japan or even down by the river on the way to Center City, Philadelphia! And the blue sky is the early morning view from my tiny patio.

3 thoughts on “Couplet Rhyme for Springtime & Earth Day, Every Day #2

  1. Thank you for the couplet rhyme. You brightened up my day just in time.
    I hope we have a “spring”. Sometimes we jump from cold winter into the heat
    of summer. This is a beautiful season. To all – Have a good one!

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