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My husband subscribes to Consumers Report Magazine and I am riveted by the amount of coverage on food and pesticides in the current issue. Here is the link to the article: If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link:

            please check out our new report, ‘Stop Eating Pesticides’

The report includes a guide to pesticides that you will want to take with you to the market when you shop for produce.

Also, there’s a petition below that Consumer Reports requests you sign to demand safer food.

Click on “Sign the Petition” half way down on the left. I just did! (Scroll down to main info. My name may come up, so just change to your name, please.)

Consumer Reports

Eating more fruits and vegetables should be a no-brainer. But Consumer Reports new ratings have found troubling levels of harmful pesticides on some fruits and vegetables, including organic. Help clean up our produce by signing our petition to the EPA and Congress to ban these risky pesticides.Already more than 25,000 people have signed on, building pressure for action!

Let’s use our power as consumers to demand safer food. Eating better shouldn’t put your health at risk.

Thank you,

Meg Bohne
Consumer Reports

Pesticides are specifically designed to kill living things. Yet our government has failed to ban some of the most harmful pesticides to our families and environment — and Consumer Reports has discovered worrisome levels of these pesticides on some fruits and vegetables, including organic.

Our new ratings found about 20 percent of non-organic produce items — such as fresh green beans, peaches and potatoes — scored ‘poor’ when it comes to pesticide residue, and in some cases exceed what our experts consider safe.

More shocking: Even some organic produce, such as fresh spinach, have troubling levels of pesticides.

It’s beyond time the EPA acts to get these harmful pesticides off our food. Sign our petition to ban these risky pesticides and close loopholes that allow their use in the United States.

Sign the petition

        Eating more fruits and vegetables is critical to better health, which is why it’s so important we have confidence in the safety of our produce. Yet the EPA’s failure to ban risky pesticides in the U.S. for agricultural use as Europe has done — including those chemicals that disrupt neurological systems — can make eating healthy a tricky proposition.

Our analysis found that almost half of non-organic fruits and vegetables scored well, with trace amounts of pesticides or chemicals considered low risk. The vast majority of organic produce also scored well, making organic overall the safer alternative to conventional produce.

Here’s the link again to the article, a must read!

 please check out our new report, ‘Stop Eating Pesticides’

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