Composed Salad with Parslic Dressing*

Utensils: Cutting board, knife, platter, salad spinner (optional)
Prep. Time: About 15 minutes
Cooking Time: None
Category: Vegan, Gluten Free

Ingredients-Basic Organic Salad Veggies such as:

Leafy lettuce
Grape or cherry tomatoes


1. Wash all veggies well. If you have a salad spinner, spin dry the lettuce; otherwise, dry with a clean dish towel.
2. Place lettuce leaves on a large platter in a spoke effect.
3. Cut tomatoes in half and sprinkle over lettuce. Add sliced cucumbers between lettuce leaves.
4. Add diced scallions and place sprouts in the center.
5. Right before serving, spoon on dressing. (See Parslic recipe below.) You can also serve the dressing in a pitcher or dish and let each person add his or her own.

* Parslic Dressing: The original name was Sparlic, given to me by my friends, the Meretskys, who received it from their friends, the Rosenbergs. The S stand for salt, the PAR for parsley and the LIC for garlic. Since parlsey is the main ingredient except for the oil, I rearranged the terms and call it Parslic. I also added lemon juice.


2 cups loosely packed parsley with stems removed (or 2/3 cup dried parsley. See Note below)
1 cup olive oil
4-5 garlic cloves, minced (The Meretskys use 9)
1/2 tsp. sea salt
juice of one lemon (optional)

Note: According to “When cooking with fresh and dry herbs, there is a general rule when it comes to the ratio of fresh to dry. Because dried herbs are generally more potent and concentrated than fresh herbs, you’ll need less — typically three times the amount of fresh herbs as dry. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of fresh oregano, you need only 1 teaspoon of dried, since 3 teaspoons equal 1 tablespoon.”
Place everything in a bowl and whisk or in a jar and shake. Drizzle over salad, use as a dip for bread, pour on veggies. It’s good on everything! But it is very rich tasting, so use sparingly.
Salad Variations

This is another composed salad that my girlfriend Rhoda put together when she visited. She is actually a much better “composer” than I am. Look how nicely she placed the cucumbers. My composed salad looks de-composed compared with hers! We also added cooked corn that I took off the cob and then dry roasted it.
You can also add artichokes, olives, and even garbanzo or black beans. Compose your own version and enjoy!

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  1. Andy,I am an avid gardener, and enjoy the toil that comes along with it. This is the 6th year that I have plaetnd vegetables. I grow things year-round, and have picked spinach, turnips and carrots in February I had to laugh at Erin’s comments, as I have had a similar assessment of my produce when eating some mixed greens I plaetnd.I grew up in a home that had several small garden patches, scattered throughout the small lot the house stood on. My Grandmother insisted that we have a garden. Raising several children through the depression and then through WWII rationing, she always had her victory garden every year, right up until she passed away. It’s not like we had bushel baskets of produce, but it was always nice to go pick some lettuce, a fresh tomato, and a cuccumber or two and have them with dinner. She had me start the seedling in the sun room , plant them in spring, and pull weeds all summer. Funny thing is, I never saw this as work .Last week, the WSJ had an article about the explosion in home gardens, due to the drive to eat organic and rising food costs. Makes sense to me. I just like to grow stuff we can eat. I like learning that comes through trial and error. I hope you and Erin keep it up.

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