Coffee & Osteoporosis


FLowers on the patio in LA where we stayed on the first part of our vacation. The color just caught my eye!

In my last posting I relayed some information on osteoporosis. Then, in catching up with my reading, I came across the February issue of freshnews, the newsletter for my friend Barb Jarmoska’s health food store freshlife. (

Barb wrote an excellent article on the pros and cons of coffee. While I was surprised to read all the pros for drinking moderate amounts of coffee, one of the negatives, on page 11, stood out.

“Coffee inhibits calcium absorption. With a pH of 5, coffee is a strong acid that can interfere with acid/alkaline balance and weaken bones. (Also) Coffee acts as a diuretic and can thus promote dehydration.”

If you are concerned about osteoporosis, then you might want to limit how much coffee you ingest each day. While the article does list many benefits, for example, coffee helps prevent gallstones and can increase the effectiveness of pain medications (ex. migraine headaches), the fact that coffee inhibits calcium absorption needs to be weighed against the benefits. As Barb notes, the choice is ultimately up to you.

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