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Every month CREDO Mobile gives $150,000 to progressive causes like Friends of the Earth Action

You help decide how that money is distributed. Vote now below!

Friends of the Earth Action

Friends of the Earth Action believes that environmental protection and social justice are both part of the struggle for a healthy and just world. We fight for laws and lawmakers that echo that mission, and we help the public join in the battle.

CREDO’s Impact

A vote for Friends of the Earth Action will help us bolster progressive leaders who see the importance of intersectionality in progressive issues and who understand the relationship between social justice and environmental protection.

Vote Now

Vote for one, two or all three progressive organizations.

Current Results

19 days, 15 hrs, 45 mins, 39secs



    Black Voters Matter

    Black Voters Matter (BVM) Capacity Building Institute’s mission is to increase civic engagement and power building in predominantly Black communities.



    Friends of the Earth Action

    Friends of the Earth Action defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world.



    Mercy Corps

    We’re a global community of humanitarians, helping create a world where everyone can prosper.

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