Citrus Fruit Salad with Pecans

Since this month is National Pecan Month, I thought I would post a quick recipe using pecans, as well as some ideas for using them in your dishes.  I view pecans similarly to pears—pecans seem to take a back seat to walnuts the way pears do to apples. I’m not sure why, because I love pears and pecans, but when I think about making a fruit salad or nut dish, I first think of apples & walnuts.

When I Googled pecans, one of the sites that came up on my computer, ironically enough, was Walnuts versus Pecan Nutrition. Both are considered heart healthy & both are similar in saturated fat content, but different in their levels of unsaturated fat. Their are more omega-3 heart healthy fats in walnuts, however, which gives them a little edge on pecans. Both are similar in their carb content, while walnuts have a slightly higher protein count, but not much. Pecans are a little higher in fiber, which we know is a good thing, but only by a little, and pecans also have a slightly higher calorie count.

What I gather from this info is that either one is a good addition to your diet in small amounts, since the fat and calorie contents are not low, especially if you are nibbling on them all day. So this fruit salad uses only a sprinkling of (soaked)+ pecans that adds crunch, flavor and nutrition to your fresh fruit. +(Note: Soaking the pecans for a few minutes before breaking them into smaller pieces makes them easier to digest.)

Utensils: Cutting board & knife, medium-sized bowl
Prep. Time: 10minutes
Cooking Time: None
Categories: Gluten-free, no added sugar, vegan

Ingredients (organic, when possible)*

1/2 (pink) grapefruit
1 tangerine or small orange
1 kiwi
Dash of juice of your choice
1/4 c. (soaked) pecans, broken into small pieces


1. Peel and separate the membranes of the grapefruit and the orange or tangerine and cut into bite-sized pieces. Peel kiwi and cut into small pieces. Place in a medium-sized bowl.

2. Break (soaked) pecans into small pieces and add to bowl. Add about 1/4 cup orange or grapefruit juice. Toss and serve.

Serves two to four people, depending on if it is s snack or part of breakfast or it is your breakfast. (The theory of food combining, emphasized by the Natural Hygiene Society, would approve of this acid fruit and nut combination and probably recommend it as your entire breakfast, since fruit in the morning is an easier way to break your fast than other forms of breakfast, such as eggs or oatmeal.)

Other ideas:
1. Toss pecans and almond in a small amount of low sodium tamari (wheat free soy sauce) & bake in a low oven (300 degrees) for about 10 minutes. Cool and add to salads.
2. Add pecans to granola or muesli cereal, to baked goods and trail mixes that call for walnuts and in fruit salads, as above.
3. Their flat shape when halved are easier to decorate on the tops of cookies or cakes than walnuts and I think pecans have a slightly sweeter or milder taste, so try them as a topping on cookies or muffins.

*Every Day is Earth Day Hint: Whenever possible, but organic or Integrated Pest Management produce so that Mother Earth is not inundated with pesticides. Fruits with skins are perhaps a little less contaminated than fruits such as berries, so if your budget is tight, start buying organically those fruits that cannot be peeled or ones that you eat on a regular basis.

Go to the Environmental Working Group’s website ( for their Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen produce, plus other important topics.

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    Pecans in many dishes are dee-lish. Thanks.

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