Chasing Way the January Blahs with New Projects, Old Hobbies

After the hype of the holidays, January seems like a dull month. Up North, it is also gray: no green leaves, not colorful flowers, no bright blue sky. One way to chase away the blahs is to start a new project or pick up a hobby you already have. For me, that will mean continuing to make scarves (now to sell instead of give away) and go back to doing my tote bags and yoga bags.

If you are interested in buying a tote bag, yoga bag or scarf/collar, wall hangings, baby coverlets, etc. please email me at my new email address: Scarves cost about $20, collars $5.00, yoga totes ($50 plus fabric) and regular tote bags start around $35 plus fabric. Wall hangings, baby blankets, and pillows depend on the size.

Here are some photos of what I have made:

♥ Happy Hobbies ♥

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