Change in Poetry Postings & Vacation Plans

I had planned to post my classmate’s poems on winter in February, but will push them to early March because the poems by another Douglass poet will be used instead because they relate to Valentine’s Day. (I did not receive the books until after I wrote the February Home Page.

March is still cold, but Valentine’s Day is only once each year, so I hope you, the reader, and Mary Lou, the poet, will not mind the change.



Also, my husband and I are planning a last-minute trip to Florida for 5 or 6 days to catch some warm weather, we hope, so if you do not hear from me when you make a comment, you will know I am on the beach reading book. Will respond when I return, warm and relaxed!

I think my computer deserves a vacation, and so do I!

♥ Thanx for reading me, ellensue 


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