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Masks: A New Must-Have Accessory?

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Two years ago I published For the Love of Clotheslines on Amazon*, collecting photos of clotheslines all over the world. Besides my own collection, I asked family and friends to send their photos when they traveled, which I still receive (like today’s), which means another book will be needed on the history of clotheslines with photos. In the meantime, this one is too perfectly timed not to share. Thanx to niece Christina for sending it.

*Link to my book:


Will masks now become part of our wardrobe and be hung on a line to dry?

Protecting Awesome Autumn

Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Trees are one of our most precious renewable natural resources. Not so coincidentally, a couple days after writing this rhyme, I received a solicitation from American Forests, and on the front of the envelope is this:

The colors of autumn are a gift we can’t waste. Help Protect Our Forests!

(I could not agree more and will post more info about this organization in a  few days.)

Awesome Autumn

As autumn leaves fall softly to the ground…
Slightly burnished, making not one sound.

I celebrate this colorful season,
And Mother Earth for every good reason.

But I need to address all my fears,
So this lovely season never disappears!

Keep planting trees to save the earth,
A lofty effort with priceless worth.