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Feedback from Two Readers

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

My friend sent this message after I posted the review of Next to Normal:

I saw the play, and I waited outside to meet Alice Ripley. She remained out-of-doors
talking to the theater goers for an hour or more. I was impressed with her normalcy.
She didn’t behave like a star celebrity.

Another reader sent this comment after I wrote my article on depression:

How courageous you are, your revelation of your struggles have allowed other women to acknowledge their own!  For those in denial, it has furnished a legitimate avenue of self-expression and self-exploration.

In 1962, a teaching friend of mine revealed her postpartum depress which was the beginning of my awareness that the blessed event is not always met with the same glad accompaniment.  Besides the obvious hormonal changes, her life had dramatically changed.

Interestingly my mother, who had survived World War 1 in Germany and had experienced not only the devastation, but starvation as well, once said to me.  “The most difficult struggle to overcome is the mental anguish which ensues.”  She was essentially a stoic, but like a “feather pillow,” she absorbed psychological pain, and yet retained the ability to contemplate and pray, and bounce back into shape.

“Get rid of it,” was her philosophy, when I told her I had been run over by a motor boat while long distance swimming.  Besides the physical repercussions, I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.  I had to find a cathartic means of dealing with the emotional stress ultimately learning about the shock to my system, writing about it, and realizing that my daily exercises helped alleviate psychological stress.  This has enabled me to deal with breast cancer, melanoma, and the life-altering experiences which one encounters in life.

It doesn’t happen all at once, for the mind as well as the body needs time to heal, but it is almost as though they strengthen in the process and erect a barrier which is even more resilient to future assaults.  Obviously I have added something to the original.  Hope this helps.

It does! Thanx, ellensue