A New Year to Contemplate Consciously

Back to the Future of Planet Earth by ellensue

If we could peek ahead to 12/2022
Will climate changes remain on the rise
and COVID variants still be a surprise?
If so, what plans do we have that ring “22” true?

If we could see into the future
Would wars be ending all over Earth,
& everyone accepted for his/her personal worth.
Or would the planet need multiple sutures?

If we can imagine what life could be:
If all the countries were united in peace,
How great to know animosity would cease
To matter in a world where everyone is free…

To do his or her best when pursuing one’s dream
And live in harmony in a toxic-free world,
Facing each challenge with hearts unfurled,
To create a life as part of a team

That cherishes each and every life
As part of living in a global community
In which everyone has complete immunity
To celebrate with drum and fife…

And live within a circle of LOVE
For all the people, the animals and the planet.
Is this a pipe dream, damn it?
Or a Hope that springs from high above?

It’s up to us, don’t you know?
To heal the sickness of Planet Earth
And create a kind of second birth:
A peace-filled revolution, reaping what we sow.

The future won’t wait until we act.
Each one must do his or her part to change,
Knowing that our lifestyle we must rearrange
& learn to cooperate with others, a sacred pact.

The choice is ours to act or to sit back & cry:
Sign petitions, change the way we live,
Sharing more and learning to give.
Create a cleaner planet. Sprout wings & fly!

P.S. On Wednesday night my husband and I watched Earth Emergency on PBS. ( Here is a link for more information: https://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay/VIDEO-Richard-Gere-Narrates-EARTH-EMERGENCY-Documentary-on-PBS-20211220). Very frightening about climate change and how Mother Earth is suffering, so my thoughts for the new year still feel right for me.

Deliverance by Mary Lou Meyers

As we face the New Year with COVID-19 and its variants still virulent, I think those of us who are seniors/elders might find this poem about an eagle’s decision to live or die very poignant as 2022 approaches and we think about our lives…and maybe our deaths!
Thanx, Mary Lou!

Perched Bald Eagle Photograph by Dan Sproul

After 40 long years of life,
the eagle’s beak bent with age;
talons razed, no longer able to grab prey;
feathers stuck to his chest like an unholy compress;
wings grown too heavy for a light takeoff,
the eagle must decide whether to live or die.
If he decides to live, he must hole up for 150 days.
He flies up to his mountain aerie, safe from prying eyes
where the painful metamorphosis begins.
He knocks his beak against the rocks,
then plucks it off with his talons.
When a new beak grows back,
he proceeds to pluck out his talons
until they are renewed at which time,
he plucks his aged feathers until
they grow back, light and airy, promoting his flight plan.
His life begins again.
Could we settle into a fierce cocoon of consciousness,
our measured weight against the force field of age,
review our life and how it’s spent, slough off debris,
and emerge with wings to fly again,
perhaps in another place and time?
  • Bald Eagle Perched Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
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