Earth Day Every Day Action #3: Information about Popular Sportswear with Toxic PFAs

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From the website:

  • New PFAS Scorecard for Popular Apparel Brands: Levi Strauss Earns an ‘A+’, Outdoor Brands Fail | NRDC

    April 06, 2022

    Columbia Sportswear, REI, Wolverine Worldwide (parent company of Wolverine and Merrell), and others received “F”s….We need to hold multibillion dollar outdoor brands like Columbia accountable for exacerbating the PFAS crisis.” – Sujatha Bergen, Director, Health Campaigns, NRDC“Many companies fail to label PFAS use in their products as well as use outdated definitions and misleading terminology in their commitments around PFAS that are inconsistent with the majority of the international and scientific communities….PIRG Education FundAdditional Resources:New Scorecard Ranks Fashion Brands on Efforts to Remove PFAS (April 2022)A Review of PFAS as a Chemical Class in the Textile Sector (May 2021)PFAS Factsheet (March 2022)Sign the PFAS-Free Apparel Pledge (March 2022)The Scientific Basis for Managing PFAS as a Chemical Class (June 2020)PFAS-Free Products###NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) is an international nonprofit environmental organization with more than 3 million members and online activists.

  • From the website above:
  • Additional Resources:

Feel free to click on PFAS-Free Apparel Pledge above as well as other links.

The clothes we wear shouldn’t make us sick. NRDC’s new PFAS scorecard gives Columbia Sportswear an F for continuing to use this toxic chemical – and we’re calling on them to stop!

PFAS are a family of approximately 12,000 dangerous synthetic chemicals used to make clothes water- and stain-resistant, and are often called “forever chemicals” because they are extremely resistant to breakdown.

But when those same clothes are made, washed, or disposed of, these chemicals contaminate our environment and drinking water, and can build up in our bodies causing severe health problems like cancer and thyroid disease, and even reduced response to vaccines.

While many leading apparel brands are reducing their use of PFAS, Columbia Sportswear is not, and we’re building a massive public pressure campaign against the retailer urging an end to the use of PFAS in their clothing! Together, with your voice as a consumer, Columbia will have no choice but to listen!

Tell Columbia Sportswear CEO Timothy Boyle to end the use of highly toxic PFAS chemicals in the company’s products!
When you take action you’ll become a member of NRDC’s Activist Network. We will keep you informed with the latest alerts and progress reports.

Earth Day Every Day Action #1: Banking (See P.S. just added)

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A few days ago I received a letter from Rainforest Action Network (, about the work they are doing and asking for a donation. In the letter was a paragraph letting us know that the 13th Banking on Climate Chaos has been released. At the end of the paragraph is their website just for this project:

On this website you can sign a petition that goes to four major banks that are involved with fossil fuels:

1. J.P. Morgan Chase

2. Bank of America

3. Citigroup

4. Wells Fargo

In Jane Fonda’s Book, What Can I Do? she writes about credit cards and recommends you do some research to see if your credit card is affiliated with banks supporting fossil fuels, and if so, consider changing to a “green” bank. Here are four links that I plan to investigate and make any necessary changes to my credit cards:

  1. Jun 07, 2021 · Green Banking is a type of banking that provides sustainable financial services. Green Banking can provide these sustainable financial services by using green finance to promote sustainability in the following areas: lending to companies and individuals who are committed to environmental responsibility;

  2. Jan 20, 2022 · Green banks are an alternative solution, prioritizing finance and sustainability. These institutions invest in clean energy, climate action, and eco-conscious projects, ensuring your money is sustainable for both you and the planet. Here’s how it works and how you can get involved. Why Green Banking > Climate-Threatening Banking

  3. Sep 18, 2017 · Green banking is a new financing trend where banks shift their investment strategies to focus on sustainable technologies and environmentally-friendly initiatives. It became widely popular among banks following the Paris Climate Agreement and has since helped promote investments in renewable energy, reforestation projects, and carbon offsets.

  4. May 21, 2021 · How Can Banks Be Green? It’s clear that a sustainable global economy needs a transparent banking system. Our economic system must be revised to prioritize ecological.

    P.S. You can also Google your credit card and ask if it is green. I Googled American Express and a great deal of info came up. Here is just one excerpt:

    Climate Partnerships and Pledges from American Express:

    • Joined RE100 in 2020, a global initiative of businesses committed to using 100% renewable electricity.
    • Committed to set targets aligned with the Science Based Target initiative and joined the Business Ambition for 1.5°C in 2021.
    • Joined the Race to Zero in 2021, established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to rally leadership for a zero-carbon recovery.
    • Became a formal TCFD Supporter in 2021 to work toward building a more resilient financial system through transparent, climate-related financial disclosures.
    Earth Day concept. Hand holding a leaf and earth.

    P.S. Personal Example from today: I have a credit card that I use for shopping at Banana Republic, The Gap, and Athleta because these stores (I believe one company) give you points that equal money that I can use at any of the stores. This group of stores is changing from Synchrony Bank to Barclay Bank. I went to my local Gap and the sales person looked up Barclay Bank: bad news! I told her she just lost a customer!

    Then I came home and Googled Barclay Bank and Fossil Fuels and came up with lots of info on this non-green bank. Below is just a sample of some of the info.

    Feel free to write Barclay’s or just don’t use a credit card from this bank. Put your money where your heart is!

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