P.I.C. (Product Information Corner) for Conscious Consuming

Buying organic produce without plastic packaging makes me feel good! I know that I am using less plastic and buying food that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals that could hurt me and the environment.

Likewise, I am beginning to buy organic clothing and people are giving me gifts that reflect my choice to wear organic items. Below are two pairs of sox, one purchased and one a gift from a marine biologist, whose profile I will feature soon. Label info below the photo:



I love the fact that the sox are made with 75% organic materials and are fair traded (www.info.fairtrade.net). They are also soft, thick and comfy!

And the company to investigate is:

The sox are available online or at the stores of Ten Thousand Villages.
Website: http://www.tenthousandvillages.com).

Be a smart shopper! Vote for a cleaner environment and better clothes for your body by making conscious purchases. Mother Nature and your body will love you for it!


Here is a photo of how the sox are packaged with all the info on the other side of the cardboard label.

Deliverance by Mary Lou Meyers

As we face the New Year with COVID-19 and its variants still virulent, I think those of us who are seniors/elders might find this poem about an eagle’s decision to live or die very poignant as 2022 approaches and we think about our lives…and maybe our deaths!
Thanx, Mary Lou!

Perched Bald Eagle Photograph by Dan Sproul

After 40 long years of life,
the eagle’s beak bent with age;
talons razed, no longer able to grab prey;
feathers stuck to his chest like an unholy compress;
wings grown too heavy for a light takeoff,
the eagle must decide whether to live or die.
If he decides to live, he must hole up for 150 days.
He flies up to his mountain aerie, safe from prying eyes
where the painful metamorphosis begins.
He knocks his beak against the rocks,
then plucks it off with his talons.
When a new beak grows back,
he proceeds to pluck out his talons
until they are renewed at which time,
he plucks his aged feathers until
they grow back, light and airy, promoting his flight plan.
His life begins again.
Could we settle into a fierce cocoon of consciousness,
our measured weight against the force field of age,
review our life and how it’s spent, slough off debris,
and emerge with wings to fly again,
perhaps in another place and time?
  • Bald Eagle Perched Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
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