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When my website crashed right before Thanksgiving, I did not realize that my Comments category had so many messages. I don’t know if I didn’t see them, if I answered them or not, or even that there were so many. So I am going through them and either marking them as SPAM when the message is nonsense, or click Approve or Reply. You may get an answer to an old message that you are free to ignore or to respond.
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P.S. My husband & I built this puzzle and many others as part of our “indoor recreation.” during. The colorful balloons floating up in the sky feel like a positive sign to me, so I picked it to post with my apology above.

My essay below is a prompt from the creative writing group to which I belong and sponsored by New Horizons Senior Center as virtual classes. This one seems fitting enough to post here along with the cover of David Atten-borough’s book that I reviewed a few months ago. Great book that is scary and hopeful at the same time. (To read my review, put the title in the SEARCH box.)

Peace on Earth/ My Piece of Earth

As an adult, I often wondered why the end of year season was a time when people were especially asked to help the poor, as though poverty came only at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also grew to dislike the term, “Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men.” Before the women’s movement in the 1970s, I never thought about it, but as I became aware of all the negativity and injustices surrounding women’s rights, I realized that the term could easily be, “Peace on Earth, good will towards All” (men, women, children, and domestic and wild life).

As a vegetarian, I already have a smaller carbon footprint, but as a result of climate change, I realize I can do more, especially since Pauline Rosenberg from New Horizons Senior Center has given excellent talks with videos on reducing plastic in the home and other similar topics about our impact on the planet, and how we can lower our carbon footprints in many different ways.

So my hope for this season is that while opening presents and dining with family and friends, people will think about their own little piece of Earth and how we can protect it from further damage by human hands. I believe that corporations need to take climate change, instead of their “bottom line,” more seriously, and in the meantime, we ourselves, on our piece of the planet, can be more aware of the impact of our daily habits (food choices, travel choices, purchases) and invite others to change their lifestyle so that future generations can enjoy the bounty of life on Earth.

This is our home and just as we take care of our belongings in our home, so must we take care of Mother Earth, our irreplaceable home. Our lives and the planet depend on this!


Update on Menupause

Dear Readers:

Right before Thanksgiving I was unable to get into my Word Press website, www.menupauseinfo. I was actual thinking of retiring after 15 years, because my postings are less about midlife women and PMZ (Post-Menopausal Zest) and more about food and the environment and its relation to climate change. Is this fate?

I am considering  sending a once a week posting that would have gone on Menupause. An email will not cost me anything because I won’t be a customer of Word Press and we can still keep in touch via email or phone for personal conversations.

If you are not interested, just let me know and you will not be placed on my “master list.” Or, if you are already on the Menupause subscriber list, you need not respond. I will just continue sending posts to you, only via mail. (I need to learn about List Serv so I can send to everyone at once.)

I plan to use December to clean out my computer files and hard copy files, so you may or may not get postings in December, but since Menupause is up and running as of today, I may place some petitions and food info this month.

Either way, enjoy the holiday season (belated Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc. and have a Happy, Safe New Year!

Many thanx for your support of Menupause. Your comments are welcome!




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