A Meaningful Earth Day Poem by Harvey Davis

My Note: April is Earth Day Month, or as I call it, Earth Day Every Day and is also National Poetry Month. And today is actually Earth Day. This poem by “elder-statesman/poet,” Harvey Davis, the very senior member of our Creative Writing group, penned this poem for class that is at the core of Earth Day and the future of our home.

Thanx, Harvey!

Earth Day concept. Hand holding a leaf and earth

Save for Our Children

by Harvey Davis

Is there any place on this earth that is not affected by climate change?

The way that we have treated this world should be to our shame.

We say that we love our children dearly and will do anything for them.

But regarding climate change our actions and our words do not blend.
We want our children to have proper nourishment but disregard the land.
Sensitivity to the needs of the land and good food go handinhand.

We poison our water and then wonder why we are malnourished and sick.

Can good results ever come out of bad planning? Do you know that trick?
Let’s go to the year of 2021 and see what we can profit from and learn.
Each generation has the chance to contribute and change; now it is our turn.

Travel to the faroff land of Australia in January; do you remember the bush fire?

More than 18 million hectares destroyed and more than 400 died, no one’s desire.
It was right here at home that hurricanes caused more than $60 billion in damage.
People were quick to complain about the high costs; complaining was the rage.

We had the chance to change our ways and make corrective action.

Unfortunately, help was nowhere to be found and good rules created no traction.

There were disasters in Australia, the US, and countless places in between.
Devastating floods in Indonesia; the rain would not stop coming, it would seem.

Cyclones in India and Bangladesh created havoc, leaving trails of destruction.

Again, people died; do you think these catastrophes provided any instruction?
Showers not only in Australia but India, Japan, and China for months, not days.
Europe did not escape from windstorms, that cost millions in trade.

Wind and rain in many parts of the world caused billions in damage to repair.

Why is it that we count only when the damage is done? Is it we just don’t care?
We can see the climate disasters any, and everywhere in the world we live,
But we appear to just ignore what is happeningto change what would you give?

Would you prefer to be continually surprised by what mother nature can do

Or will you join with other forwardthinking people and good science pursue?
Is it coincidence that the relatively few people who make money on our present path
Control the way we treat climate change, conveniently ignoring the true math?

What kind of world are we saving for our children? We need to come up with a plan

That will protect our children from the disasters sweeping across the land.
Celebrate Earth Day by honoring Mother Earth in some way: Recycle/Compost, Have a Meatless Earth Day meal, write a poem about Earth Day, meditate on Mother Earth, Plant a Tree…..

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