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For the last few months I have been reviewing food & diet books in Nobody Eats Like Me (NELM), first when it was a separate blog and continuing with this project with NELM as part of Menupause. While I am still reviewing books on this topic, I have launched a experiment on weight gain before, during, and after menopause. (Actually, I have read more books that still have to be reviewed, so my information is broader than what has already been reviewed.) With my degree in nutrition education and my love of whole foods, I want to educate, engage and empower midlife women to be at a healthy weight through a clean diet, moderate exercise, and a positive mental attitude.

Based on a brief conversation with my D.O. (Dr. of Osteopathy),who practices alternative/complementary medicine, I decided to focus on weight problems. He told me that all 200 of his female midlife patients have weight issues. I smell a book! So now I am working with about 5 women interested in my idea of testing different food categories to see which ones are their”trigger foods,” that is, foods that spur cravings and weight gain. Since each one of us has variations in our diets and digestive systems, I will help you will develop a personal eating plan (P.E.P.) that you can live with daily.

While I am meeting with these women every two weeks, the experiment can be done via email and phone sessions, if needed. There is no fee and also no guarantees that you will lose weight. I am testing my theory, which I have been testing on myself with success.  Since I am looking to lose the 8 pounds I gained during menopause (a whole dress size on my 5’1 1/2″ frame), losing half so far is an accomplishment for me, because I have spent years trying to lose the weight and only now am having a degree of success.

If you are interested in participating, just email me at: Send your phone number if you are in the continental US if you wish. I will send more information and some attachments on the topics I am exploring. Age is not a factor. I am 74 and still want to feel healthy, and having the appropriate weight for my body type is an integral part of my overall health.



P.S. I will be posting an update on The Perfect 10 Diet in Nobody Eats Like Me in a few days.

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