Bring on Spring!

The first day of spring brings high hopes for consistently warm weather, but because of climate change, one never knows. But here are a couple of sure signs that spring is on its way…..

The magnolia trees are ready to blossom

and crocuses are pushing up the ground.

The snow may not be finished…

But Spring is slowly comin’ round!


Soon the daffodils will wear their yellow faces,

and tulips will stand tall at attention.

Oh, what would Spring be like without her flowers?

Hush! Forget I even dared to mention.



13 thoughts on “Bring on Spring!

  1. My next door neighbors have forsythia bushes in their backyard, and those yellow blossoms, which I saw yesterday for the first time this season, are the first lovely sign of spring for me!

  2. Hear the birds singing in the morning, and see the faint tinge of yellow starting on the Goldfinches which is always a sure sign.

  3. Beautiful post. And shows me one of the only things I miss about not being in NJ at this time of year.

  4. Hope a spring snow doesn’t hurt the blossoms! Spring is most welcome — a beautiful time of the year.

  5. Sounds like you are on the right band wagon, the signs have been evident for a long time,
    the problem is we are still dealing with the potential threat of Frost even though Spring is on the calendar as you have so well expressed in your poem and photos. Very effective!

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