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I took this photo last week, while late summer, hardy  flowers are still in bloom. Dorothy’s beautiful courage matches these beautiful flowers.

As I write this posting, my good friend Dorothy is being prepped for cancer surgery. She has a rare form of breast cancer called Papillary Carcinoma, which is a type of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).  From the start, Dorothy was very positive, because her doctor assured her that this type of cancer is, as the Internet states, rarely invasive and usually stays within the milk ducts of the breast. Papilla (a projection) refers to the microscopic shape of the cancer cells, which resemble fingers, or threads. This cancer is so rare that it is diagnosed in only 1% to 2% of all patients. Most of them are older women as is Dorothy (In men it is even rarer).  Her courage and fortitude since her diagnosis is remarkable.

Not so coincidentally, since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my friend Barb Jarmoska, owner of FreshLife in Williamsport, posted a terrific article that I am reproducing here. To sign up for the daily FreshMail newsletter, go to The postings are one page and range from local issues to global issues, as well as recipes and excellent hints for staying healthy. Thanx, Barb!

FreshMailFeature Article

The good list

October is “Breast Cancer Awareness” month. In the past decade, there have been over 65 studies showing a link between diet and supplements and a reduced risk of breast cancer.

This list includes the foods and supplements most apt to reduce the risk of breast and other estrogen-positive cancers.

  • Organic, hormone free foods.
  • Flax lignans, ground flax seed
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Fiber from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and seeds
  • Kale, broccoli sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables
  • Green Tea
  • HIgh antioxidant foods such as berries (organic only)
  • Folic acid
  • CoQ10
  • Vitamin D3
  • Calcium D-Glucarate
  • Vitamin C
  • Melatonin

For more information on breast cancer prevention, read What Women Must Know to Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer by Sherrill Sellman, N.D. This book is available at Freshlife. (P.S. I read this book and reviewed it for FreshLife and it is very informative. es)

Barb Jarmoska


Today is my 5th wedding anniversary.  For my wedding I gathered leaves such as these, sprayed them with a fixative, and scattered them on the little cafe tables in our condo social room, where I was married. The gingko dishes were a  surprise dish from my daughter Basha last year, who saw me admire them in Crate & Barrel, and went back after I left New York and bought them for me.  Since autumn leaves are one of my touchstones,  I am posting this photo as my prayer of good wishes for my friend Dorothy and using my favorite serving plates from my daughter. ♥♥

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  1. I hope all went well with Dorothy. I heard Dr. Susan Love speak at C. W. Post College, LIU,
    on Long Island a few years ago. She spoke on the topic of ductal lavage. Check out her
    book (s). We have one day apart anniversaries. Happy Anniversary

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