Bone Issues from Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

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Potassium alkalizes your pH and protects the body from the loss of calcium caused by sodium chloride.

Top 12 Sources Of Potassium

It’s easy to reap the alkalizing benefits of potassium from a wide variety of food sources. Below are 12 potassium-rich foods to help alkalize your serum pH and protect your bones and your health. Please note that all of the foods listed are alkalizing except for black beans.

1. Sweet Potato*

2. Yogurt*

3. Swiss Chard*

4. White Potato

5. Tomato Sauce

6. Butternut Squash

7. Watermelon*

8. White Beans

9. Black Beans*

10. Frozen Spinach*

11. Beets*

12. Bananas*

*Denotes a Foundation Food


From white beans to bananas- there are plenty of potassium-rich foods you can enjoy every day.











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