Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Yesterday my husband and I and another couple went to see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was so wonderful that I wanted to post a quick review before I leaving for a bat mitzvah.

The movie takes place in India, with all it color, splendor/squalor and over-populated citizens who scramble for a living. The seven major characters are from England and represent all the stages of growing older, from being resigned to being adventuresome.  Each character brings the full measure of his or her personal baggage to India, where it is unloaded on their mutual residence, the Marigold Hotel—old and worn like the characters, but beautiful and dignified, also like the characters. (I actually think the hotel is a metaphor for the characters.)

I don;t want to give away the story, but it will make you laugh and cry, relate and not relate to the dialogue, but still enjoy its basic, raw truth about how to handle aging with all its opportunities and pitfalls.  As Judi Dench, who is always marvelous, writes in her journal, she doesn’t just want to cope with growing older; she wants to thrive!

A beautiful movie not to be missed!

2 thoughts on “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

  1. Ellen Sue:

    Jerry and I saw the movie last weekend and loved it also. The characterizations were right on target!

    You might also like “Bernie” – very funny – though not in the same league as “Marigold Hotel”.

    By coincidence – since you are both movie lovers – Carrie Rickey is going to be my speaker for my Hadassah opening brunch on September 24. Maybe you can come?


  2. Is that a Monday? If so,I think I can come. I heard bernie was funny. Not familiar with Carrie Rickey. Is she the movie critic for the Inquirer?
    Thanx 4 the info, ellensue

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