Being Thankful: November 2010

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not only because it comes in the fall, my favorite season, but also because it focuses on being thankful.  Despite all the problems we have personally and globally, there is always something we can be thankful for, such as having loved ones gather ’round the table.  But November is also the month of Veterans Day (Nov. 11th) and many families are missing their young men and women in the service.  So perhaps we can pray that they stay safe and come home to be with their families soon.

For this month I will feature some early winter recipes in Kitchen Nutrition, such as Rainy Day Stew, which I made the other day when it rained. Here’s a photo, but the recipe will be posted in a few days.

Also this month I am doing another demonstration at The Wellness Community. I am calling it Color Me Healthy, because the focus is on “pigment power,” that is, the relationship between the color of foods and their power to heal. The term pigment power is from a book called The Color Code, which I will review in conjunction with the workshop.

One of the dietary challenges that I have been addressing is my gluten-free diet as a possible help for tinnitus. No one really knows how to treat it so far. I have been to two ear, nose, and throat doctors; my acupuncturist; my doctor of osteopathy, and my dentist. The literature and one ENT recommends dietary restrictions which I am working on. I actually like the challenge of making healthy meals without gluten, dairy or nuts and have found alternatives for all of them. So far, the hissing in my ears remains, but I am hopeful, since I have had this problem longer than I have been on this diet.

Anyway, I shop at a little bakery at the Wynnewood Train Station where a mother of two children with major allergies to gluten bakes only gluten-free products that are delicious.  Deborah will be my Profile for this month. She is working on a gluten-free pie crust for Thanksgiving, which I plan to purchase and fill with pumpkin or apples. Here’s Deborah in the bakery:

Concerning Gluten-Free products, I plan to post my latest find, besides the bread from Deborah. It’s Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps from Mary’s Gone Crackers. I already posted the crackers many months  ago. They are crisp and flavorful.  But the cookies are delicious! More on these goodies soon.

I also have some feedback from readers, including some poetry related to October’s focus on the topic of breast cancer. Jay, my son-by -marriage took some great photos of trees while in Maine and Rhode Island and he promised to email them to me, so I will post them soon. In the meantime, I am in Rhode Island visiting my brother and sister-in-law and snitched a photo of the red bush in their front yard from Paul’s iPhoto.


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3 thoughts on “Being Thankful: November 2010

  1. Thanx for all the good words. Will ask my web guru about the search feature. Almost everything has some protein, but legumes are a good non-meat choice. Will look for other easy sources & get back to you if I find some. thanx again, ellensue

  2. Just spoke with my nutrition friend & she said that quinoa, buckwheat and barley are good protein sources in grains. Also, eggs and soft cheese, if you eat dairy. Hope this helps.

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