Bees Are Still in Trouble: Petition to Bayer

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Everyone — we’re running out of time to save the bees. A new USDA report found that more than 40%
of honeybee colonies died in the past year.
What’s even worse: More and more bees are dying in
the summer, too — a time when they should be most healthy.

We have to stop mass bee deaths at the source: Tell chemical giant Bayer to stop producing its bee-killing pesticides.

If the bees go, so does the third of our food that relies on them for pollination. I can’t stress how important it is to save the bees from these deadly pesticides — please, speak up today.

Brooke Still, Online Campaigner
League of Conservation Voters

League of Conservation Voters

Stop the Bee-pocalypse! Take action now to protect our nation’s bees »

Tell Bayer to stop producing pesticides that are killing our nation’s number one security guard »

Hi Ellen Sue,

Could you imagine a world without fresh fruits and veggies? Summer without apple pie? Chips without guacamole? I certainly can’t, but this could be our not-so-distant future if we don’t take action now to protect our bees from the toxic chemicals that are endangering their populations.

In recent years, bees have been dying at a record pace in a phenomenon scientists are calling “colony collapse disorder.” The situation is so bad that people have started to dub it the “Bee-pocalypse.”

To be clear — this is not a natural occurrence. Scientists believe a deadly class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids are playing a huge role. That’s why we’re targeting the German chemical giant Bayer (yes, the same company you get your aspirin from) — one of the largest producers of neonicotinoids in the world.

If we want to save the bees, we need Bayer to stop the production of pesticides that are contributing to their population collapse today. Speak out now!

Why are the deaths of our honeybees a big deal? Because one-third of the food produced in North America, including nearly 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables, rely on honeybees for pollination.

The EPA has called Bayer’s neonicotinoids “highly toxic” to bees. And yet Bayer continues to manufacture its bee-killing chemicals, refusing to accept the scientific fact that its products are putting honeybees, our national food security, and an estimated $15 billion a year in agricultural production in the U.S. at risk.

This is unacceptable. We need to demand that Bayer stop producing their neonicotinoids and develop a safer alternative. And get this — we may already have the key to a safer pesticide. Researchers in England have been investigating the Australian funnel web spider, whose venom creates a bio-pesticide that is still fatal to common farm pests but appears to have absolutely no effect on bees.

We have a very real shot at saving the bees, but only if Bayer stops producing dangerous pesticides and develops new safer alternatives.

Tell Bayer to stop producing the deadly chemicals that are killing our nation’s bees!

There’s no simple solution to the bee crisis, but we do know steps we can take now to move us in the right direction. The most powerful thing we can do is stop the production of the deadly pesticides at the source. Bayer is a commercial company — they will listen to feedback from their consumers. Speaking out in a public manner like this may be the best shot we have in getting them to change their ways.

The success of our crops and security of our nation’s food supply hinges on whether or not we can protect our bees. So thank you for telling Bayer to take action today.

Thank you,

Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters

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