Back to the Future: Part 3 (Plus link to survey from Climate Reality Team)

My goal in these postings of Back to the Future is to explore, report, and experiment with household products and personal care items that do not harm the environment. Also, I have been writing companies about their products when they fall short of being sustainable, such as plastic packaging.

For each posting I will provide the info on the package so you can decide if you wish to try it. These products are usually available online  (ex. or at health food stores, but since many supermarkets now carry organic produce, I think these cooking & cleaning products will eventually be available in supermarkets and drug stores as well.



ecoverZERO Automatic Dishwasher Tablets contain or is:

0% Fragrance, dyes or chlorine

Plant-based & mineral ingredients

Biodegradable & phosphate-free

According to the back of the cardboard package, which I also look for instead of plastic or cellophane, Ecover has “been pioneering green science for over 30 years to make effective, plant based cleaners by plant-loving people.”

Below is a link to the website:

ecoverZERO Automatic Dishwasher Tablets contain or isecoverZERO Automatic Dishwasher Tablets contain or isEnvironmental sustainability is responsibly interacting with the planet to maintain natural resources and not jeopardize the ability for future generations to meet their needs.” (

P.S.  The ingredients can cause eye irritation and gives instructions on how to take care of that issue. I recently purchased it and will report back if the product does not clean my dishes as well as what I am now using.


Also, here is the link to a survey from the Climate Reality Project, whose emails are very informative:







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