“AweSumm”: June-August 2017

Most people can’t wait for summer. For me, summer means that fall can’t be far behind, so I endure the heat of the summer because I know soon the weather will be crisp and the leaves will shimmer in their jeweled tones. Where my daughter lives on the Central Coast of California, the weather is spring and summer like all year long. Here’s a photo I took on one of my last visits there. We went to see a lighthouse, so we were right on the edge of the water with blue skies and blue-green ocean, which is too cold for swimming, but perfect for boating and sea-gazing.

Many people from this area go to Atlantic City and surrounding towns for the summer. While I love the ocean, I am not a sand fan. Instead, we stay home and go to the lovely pool right behind our condo. It has shade trees and cabanas and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to relax without dragging chairs and picnic supplies to the beach. Hopefully, your summer will be exactly as you wish, with good friends and good food.

Speaking of which, summertime recipes in magazines are often displayed as being easy to prepare, featuring salads and foods for the grill. Because I will be working on my book on laundry photos from Italy, Lancaster County with the Amish clotheslines and clotheslines from other countries, I may not post as often and also may re-feature some of my favorite summer recipes. For example, here is one of my favorites, Picnic Potato Salad. I may use different herbs and spices for the updated recipe.

I am near the end of the book I started the reviewing last month, A Mind of Your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan. As I noted in the posting last month, it is a heavy-duty book of information and I am spending a greater amount of time reading and digesting it than I had expected. Here is the internal link to my Part One review from May:https://www.menupause.info/archives/20669.

June has some important dates as well as some kooky ones. Here is a list from www.holidayinsights.com.

  • Aquarium Month
  • Candy Month
  • Dairy Month
  • Fight the Filthy Fly Month
  • National Gardening Week – First full week of month
  • Gay Pride Month
  • National Accordion Awareness Month
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • Rose Month
  • Turkey Lovers MonthThe site calls this posting “Bizarre, Unique and Special Holidays,” and some of them are unique, such as Fight the Filthy Fly Month, which I will skip! BU
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