Awesome Rawsome: “Naked” Nutrition

Today, in conjunction with MANNA, (the non-profit organization where I volunteer to help prepare and pack meals for nearly 800 at-risk, critically ill people), I did a food demo called Awesome Rawsome. The emphasis was on adding more fresh, uncooked or lightly cooked (not over 118 degrees F.) foods for more energy and swifter healing. I think the response was quite positive. The participants asked good questions and tried everything I brought. Today I am posting two of the recipes I made. Some of the others I made were posted last month, when I was first preparing to do this workshop and it was canceled due to rain. Another one I created yesterday and will post in a future Kitchen Nutrition.

Below is a picture of me, reading one of the quotes I bring to put participants in a positive frame of mind about preparing food to help themselves heal. Then I have posted some of the recipes. In a day or two I will post reviews of the raw food books that I brought to the demonstration.

I started with a fruit smoothie called Strawberries, Bananas & Dream, because I used Rice Dream as the base. I don’t have exact amounts, so you may have to fiddle with the proportions. I also don’t have a photo of the smoothies, so I “borrowed” a photo from the July smoothies.

Strawberries, Bananas & Dream Smoothie

Utensils: Cutting board & knife, blender
Prep. Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: None
Category: Gluten Free, Vegan


2 cups Rice Dream or other milk like liquid, such as coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk, etc.
8-10 organic strawberries, washed and slices
one-two ripe bananas, peeled and frozen (Can also be fresh, not frozen)
One-two scoops of protein powder (Ex.  Spirutein)
A few mint leaves (optional)


Place all the ingredients in the blender and buzz until smooth. If too thick, add a little more liquid. If too thin, add more fruit.
If the bananas are not frozen, you can add a couple ice cubes , if desired.


Muesli Munchies

Muesli (Swiss ger. Müesli, also ger. Müsli) (pronounced /ˈmjuːze:li/ or /ˈmuːze:li/, in Switzerland [ˈmyəz̥li]) is a popular breakfast cereal based on uncooked rolled oats, fruit and nuts. It was developed around 1900 by Swiss physician, Maximillan Birscher-Benner for patients in his hospital. It is available as a packaged dry form, or it can be made fresh. Source: Wikipedia

Muesli Munchies

Utensils: Cutting board & Knife, blender, bowl for mixing, spoons & spatula
Prep. Time
: 15-20 minutes if dates are already soaked
Cooking Time:
Category: Vegan & Gluten Free


3-4 pitted dates soaked in about one cup water or apple juice
½ cup nut butter (tahini, almond butter, cashew butter, etc.)
3 Tbl. date sugar (dates ground into granules)
one cup raw oats (not instant oatmeal)
¼ cup unsweetened cocoa or carob powder
2 T. almond slivers
1 tsp. cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves
2 Tbl. unsweetened, dried, shredded coconut


  1. Soak dates in water or juice for at least 2 hours. (Can be soaked overnight in ‘frig).
  2. Drain dates and reserve ½ cup of soaking water or juice.
  3. Place dates and ½ c. liquid in blender or food processor and puree until somewhat pureed.
  4. Add nut butter and puree again.
  5. Add cocoa powder and puree again.
  6. Remove mixture from blender and place in a bowl. Mix well by hand if blender did not do so.
  7. Add oats ,almond slivers, and cinnamon and mix well. Mixture should be stiff.
  8. Wet your hands and make small balls about the size of ping-pong balls. Roll in coconut and place on a pan and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Yield: About 20 munchies

Note: Depending on the wetness of your nut butter, you may have to add more oats if the mixture is too wet to form into balls.

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