Awesome Autumn

Fall is my favorite season. The trees are in their glory. And there are also lovely fall flowers. Below is a photo to show you that everything doesn’t die in the fall. The tree poem and photo following the flowers are my tribute to fall.

IMG_0011-fall flowers.jpg
Yes! These are autumn flowers from The Shenandoah Valley.

The Flames of Fall

there’s a tree outside my window
flaming leaves it does adorn
every day its fire greets me
through the softly, sunlit morn

leafy-laden, tall and stately
in the wind i hear its sighs
brilliant branches span my vision
color bedazzles my sleepy eyes

all too soon the leaves forsake it
naked branches, stripped and bare
patiently i await the springtime
green returns again to wear

trees are truly awesome wonders
especially in the blazing fall
Kilmer was acutely accurate
trees are lovely, all in all!


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