Autumnal Transparency by Mary Lou Meyers

Here’s a lovely poem by my “poet in residence” and classmate from Douglass College. Since she writes about Fall, I could not pass this one up!!!! es

Autumn comes in mellifluous tongues,
disguised among the spoils of the summer season,
a last testament to unreasoned heat;
wedged between the vibrant chords of Spring
and the first inkling of winter’s discordant cross,
marigolds touched with frost.

Perfection is born in the breathtaking air,
shattering the sky’s crystal chandelier.
Liquid gold splashed everywhere on fields and meadows,
on the tremor of wings soaring in sunlit skies.
We are born anew with Gypsy blood gushing forth,
ford rippling streams with effervescent broth,
with peace etched on every mountain peak,
valleys filled with gold lamé to greet our restless feet.

Trembling trees unload their heaven-scented apples
to satisfy our unquenchable taste and hunger.
Winnowing wind soothes our nightly slumber
while storied maples bring a tinge of crimson glory
to the plaintive strains under a Harvest Moon glow.

Soon nothing matters but the bountiful beauty instilled
in the corridors of radiant light,
our hearts filled as we fade into a brilliant transparency.

5 thoughts on “Autumnal Transparency by Mary Lou Meyers

  1. thanks for publishing, I fell in love with autumn another time around re-reading my poem.

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