Autumn Rapture: A Rhyme for the First Day of Autumn

Internet Definition of “rapture”-Intense pleasure or joy. Synonyms include: ecstasy, bliss, exaltation, euphoria, elation, joy, enchantment, delight, happiness, pleasure*

Autumn Rapture

The many synonyms for “rapture”
are perfect in the way they capture

How I feel each autumn season,
The joy of bliss is the reason.

I experience a kind of ecstasy
with jewel-toned leaves all around me.

Enchantment comes to mind as well…
with happiness, my heart does swell.

The Fall to me brings such delight;
a state of euphoria comes to light.

This is my season to feel great pleasure
As Mother Nature shares her treasure.

Go leaf peeping: it’s free for all.
Such exaltation Ah, it’s Fall!

  • Words in colored Italics are those in the definition





3 Responses to “Autumn Rapture: A Rhyme for the First Day of Autumn”

  1. Honey Carolyn Friedman Says:

    Lovely poem. So glad you are enjoying the season. Me too!

  2. Paula Says:

    You are a poet! Beautiful word and photos!

  3. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Are you having fall all the way down to New ORleans? es

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