Autumn Encore: A Poem to Fall

Note: Last week’s rain and wind pelted the lovely leaves on trees, bringing many of them down onto the ground. But I found a few, hardy trees that still have their brilliance, albeit waning as we march towards winter.

A brilliant burst of color
greets my morning eyes
Looking up and smiling
Blue ocean like the sky’s.

Fall’s last thrust of color
brings me exquisite pain
Autumn’s almost over—
Definitely on the wane.

As leaves come raining
on the ground
They sail so quietly
without a sound.

Then one last joy of
jumping in the leaves
a fitting encore to autumn,
a tapestry only Mother Nature weaves.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Encore: A Poem to Fall

  1. It’s fortunate that you had some brilliant color to delight. I’m further west of you, and felt that this particular autumn was very, very muted. No lovely scarlets, a few lovely golds, but mostly sad browns and russets. Only the bright blue skies of October helped to ease the dying sadness of Autumn.

  2. A wonderful kick-off to Winter
    gradually settling in,
    the nights already have a frosty note,
    the dawns a silver coat.
    Gone on the forays of leaves,
    waiting breathless for the first downy flake
    till they pile up like leaves you once raked,
    but now must shovel to undertake,
    the grueling tasks of Winter to find a pathway
    and driveway to set you on your way

  3. Spring and fall always seem to me to be too short a duration. Unlike winter which seems to go on and on. Thank you for the color and the colorful words.l

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