August: The Fullness of Summer

When I think of August, the word “plush” comes to mind. Everything is full: trees, flowers, highways of vacationers, and gardens. My friend Mary Lew has a wonderful flower garden of her own design, purposely using plants that grow in Eastern Pennsylvania that bloom into flowers to attract pollinators: bees, butterflies, etc. The garden is not uniform like an English garden, but more like a field of flowers. Thanks you Mary Lew, for allowing me to photograph your lovely garden that is a great example of Earth Day, Every Day!

(Below the photos is a list of the “common names” of her flowers. I do not have photos of all the flowers in the list, because she also had more in her backyard, where I did not go. These were all in her front garden. I took them very early in the morning and did not want to disturb her by going in her yard.)




Southern Magnolia, Jacob Cline, Catmint, Shrub Rose, Black-Eyed Susan, Siberian Iris, Japanese Aster, Lavendar, Shasta Daisy, Cardinal Flower, Big Blue Lobelia, Golden Creeping Jenny, Coneflower, Sneezeweed, Hybrid Lenten Rose, Coral Bells, Swamp Hibiscus, Meserve Holly, Butterfly Weed, Aromatic Aster, Butterfly Bush, Turtlehead, and Purple Coneflower.

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