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Every Monday, Women’s Voices for Change (WVFC) has a column called Medical Monday. Yesterday’s was about the anatomy of a stroke. Here is the definition of stroke from the column:

Strokes are caused by many different things, but roughly 25 percent are cardioembolic (i.e. a clot breaks off from the heart and blocks a vessel in the brain; 25 percent large-artery atherosclerosis(plaques forming in the walls of the large arteries in the head or neck, leading to blockages), and 25 percent small-vessel disease. The remaining 25 percent are caused by a number of less common problems, or are cryptogenic, meaning that a cause is unable to be determined.

As you can see, a stroke is related to the heart, so the column’s very appropriate for Heart Awareness Month in February.

I invite you to read the entire article by clicking on this link:

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One thought on “Article on Stroke in Women’s Voices for Change

  1. Thanks for all the vital information, surely women need to know as much about heart disease
    and strokes as men, but still doctors don’t always make women aware of the danger signs.
    It’s funny but many doctors feel women would rather not know the details and are squeamish
    about the full color illustrations. The best way to deal with heart disease is lead a healthy life
    and meet it head on doing all the research essential to be in the know.

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