April: Think Spring!


Although March 20th is the official first day of Spring, April is when I begin to notice the buds on the trees, the daffodils and the crocuses, despite the snowy tree outside my window. (See photo below.) This month’s postings will hopefully spring you into action, not only because it is Earth Day on April 22nd, but also because the ground is getting warmer and you can begin to think about flowers and gardens.

If you live in an apartment, as we do, my only outdoor garden is the patio, where we plant herbs and flowers. Last summer I also planted some lettuce and hot peppers. Since outdoor gardening is limited, I also grow sprouts indoors. This month Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes features sprouts, with directions and a couple of simple recipes.

While April 22nd is Earth Day, it seems to have been eclipsed by or merged with the whole issue of Global Warming aka “An Inconvenient Truth” featuring Al Gore. However, my son sent me a link to a video on an alternative viewpoint, which is, that the carbon dioxide buildup is really not the cause, but rather that the earth is going through a solar warming period and the build-up of CO2 is actually a result of solar warming.
(Try one of these links for viewing this very interesting video: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/017028.php, which I used for my MAC computer, or try http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4340135300469846467)

In the meantime, pick one thing you can do on Earth Day to keep the planet healthy (See a list in Health Flashes) and add one new green item every week until you are celebrating Earth Day every day! (My list has only 10 items, but all the major magazines are giving many more suggestions.)

In Profiles you will read about my interview with Honey Friedman, my former chiropractor in upstate New York, who is now a mentor from the Option Institute. She made a major career change in midlife which has empowered her and helps others. Also, check out Products and Services to view my book, Johnny Alfalfa Sprout, which is available to buy, Health Flashes for “Living Green,” and Peek to Pique to see what’s coming next month.

If you have not read the book review from last month, please click on Book, Film and Website Reviews, because Yoga and Menopause are natural partners. I am leaving it up for another month. Finally, check out Feedback for my question to you about book reviews.

Finally, I have located a program for a reasonable price that will analyze my recipes for protein, carbs, fats, etc. It still has not been released, but as soon as it is, I will download it. I am very excited about this, because I know most magazines with recipes almost always have a nutritional profile.

Oh, yes, I am toying with the idea of posting new articles throughout the month, instead of just once each month. What do you think of this idea?

As I write this, the rain is heavy and hard, with snow on the ground. The weather is windy and cold and the trees outside my window are coated with snow! So my mantra today is THINK Spring! Think SPRING! THINK SPRING!


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